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A full service brokerage

You deserve a new level of support

Our agent-centric model was built with you in mind.

We are different by design

Bullock Russell Real Estate Services provides the best agent support in the business at no cost to you.

No Fees at All

No out-of-pocket expenses. We only get paid when you get paid.

Free Contract Preparation

All C.A.R. Forms are prepared on your behalf, reducing your liability.

Free Transaction Coordination

Our transaction coordinators are on staff, with you on every deal.

Free Listing Marketing

We market your listing for you. Whether it closes or cancels, you pay nothing.

Free Branding & Technology

Business Cards, Listing Presentation, Personalized Website, CRM and more all included.

Free Training & Development

Receive regular in-depth training and kick-off your business with our agent development program.

You deserve a fully-staffed support office – not automated software.

Save money and time + reduce liability.

Our transactions team is dedicated to your success.

Free Contract Preparation

Under the direction of our Broker, a licensed attorney, our team of experts will prepare all your C.A.R. Forms for you! This value-added service will help ensure your forms are prepared properly giving you credibility and reduced risk, not to mention saving you a significant amount of time.

Free Transaction Coordination

Don’t pay for another Transaction Coordinator! Our TC’s are on staff supporting you when you take a new listing or open a new buyer escrow providing you and your clients with a value-added service that minimizes all possible delays in closing escrow.

Free Industry Leading Tools

As an agent, you are always on the run, working out of your car or on your mobile device. We use industry leading tools to give you access to your files regardless of where you are, allowing you to be a more organized, efficient, and effective agent.


  • NFREE Premium Marketing
  • NFREE Personal Sphere Package upon Joining
  • NFREE Technology Package with CRM, Website, and Social Media
  • NFREE Presentation Booklets & Samples for all Listing Appointments
  • NFREE Consulting on Marketing Strategy and Farming

Content, design, print, digital, and mail

An in-house, full service marketing department

We strive to stay on the cutting edge of where the real estate industry is headed while maintaining a focus on results-driven solutions.

It’s hard enough working with your clients to have to deal with being your own marketing expert. At Bullock Russell, our team is your team. We can help you develop marketing campaigns that work within your budget and have proven success. Our team of experts will generate hyper-local content, create professional designs, print and even mail out if that’s what you need. Whether it’s print or digital, let your team of experts handle it for you!


Bullseye Reports

Elevate yourself in the listing presentation with our sophisticated yet simple proprietary CMA report that will show off your knowledge as a real estate agent.


Business Planning Tools

Become an even more effective prospector by planning, measuring, and analyzing your weekly activity with our time-blocking and daily tracking tools.

Database Propsecting Tool

We have custom designed a prospecting tool that is an extremely simple but powerful way to keep you proactively marketing to your sphere.

Hyperlocal Market Updates

Get in front of your sphere with unique Mailchimp email templates that are customized with hyperlocal market updates for the Southern Orange County area.

Happy Agents

Dedicated StafF


Team Culture

Real agents with real results!

Learn how Bullock Russell has helped our agents.

Starting my career with Bullock Russell was the best move I could have made. After receiving my license, I didn’t really know where to start, but the support team guided me through every step. Now that I am an established Realtor and making steady progress in my career, I continue to leverage the skills of the support team to build my business base year after year. I can’t imagine trying to develop an expertise in every area of the real estate business when I can surround myself with experts instead.



When I was ready to ramp up my business, some of my close friends/ colleagues convinced me to talk to Bullock Russell. I knew and was personal friends with a number of the agents there who told me it was different than other brokerages they had worked at. When I finally decided to join, I found their recommendations to be right on the mark. While the amazing support of the staff is reason enough to join, the atmosphere and culture at Bullock Russell is what I found to be most attractive. Everyone, from my fellow agents to the staff is the most helpful, friendly, and supportive group I’ve been associated with in this business. We feel like family!



With the support of Bullock Russell, I was able to spend more time focusing on my clients and less time on administrative work. As a result I nearly doubled my production in the first year and have steadily grown since. Much of my production growth has come through my farm, where the marketing department takes care of the content, design, printing, and mailing – literally all I do is approve it. As the homeowners tell me, the quality and design of the marketing has set me apart from my competitors.



I’ve had the good fortune to enjoy a successful career in real estate for nearly 10 years, all with the same company. Because of my success, I was never really motivated to explore other brokerages – until I learned about Bullock Russell. They seemed to offer a business model that I could leverage to take my business to the next level. After many discussions, analysis and thought, I decided to join. What I found at Bullock Russell went beyond anything I imagined. The support and advice from the outstanding staff exceeded all expectations.



I did my research and sought out Bullock Russell when I was ready to launch my real estate career in South Orange County. I heard from peers that they had the best business model in the industry, and they have exceeded all expectations. From my regular consultations with the Broker on how to best structure a deal to advice from the marketing experts on how to develop and execute my business plan, the support is top shelf. In just two years I was able to build my business to the point that most agents would be desperately looking for an assistant, but with our support I was able to delay that investment by a couple years.



I have been looking for a brokerage that offered more support than what has become standard in the industry. When I learned from a good friend at Bullock Russell what their program was all about, I had to take a look. What I found was exactly what I needed but didn’t realize even existed. I’m having one of my best years ever without the late nights trying to keep all the balls in the air. I couldn’t possibly have done it without the help and support of the team at Bullock Russell.



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